TT Singh

Impatience Responsible for Conflicts

On Feb 19, Toba Tek Singh Chapter organized a seminar on Peace & Tolerance.

The speakers at the seminar included Mr Ghazanfer Ali (District Literacy Officer), Mr Nisar Ahmad (scholar), and Mrs Salma Habib (Advocate).

Mr Nasir Ahmad opined that the State must protect secularism and act as the regulator of religious practices to control religious fundamentalism.

Mrs Salma Habib said that freedom of expression is every individual’s right, and the person has the right to impart information and ideas through media.

Mr Ghazanfer Ali said that tolerance in all walks of life is necessary for a peaceful society; and impatience is responsible for 90% of the conflicts.

Seminar ended with a question & answer session and words of thanks by Mr Saleemi.