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About LFP

LFP LogoLiberal Forum Pakistan (LFP) is registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 on October 25/ 2001.

The organization started with an ambitious object to promote in Pakistan liberalism as set out in the International Liberal Manifesto (April 1947), and values such as freedom, tolerance, social justice, equality of opportunity, rule of law, pluralism, and supremacy of democratic norms.

LFP is different from the thousands of other NGOs in Pakistan as its membership is open to anybody who believes in its liberal values and who regularly pays the fee annually or is a life-member. It has a democratic structure and conducts regular elections with periodic change in leadership.

It has presence all over Pakistan, and chapters where there are more than 20 active members. At present more than 30 chapters headed by the District Coordinators are playing active role for the awareness on burning issues.

At National level, nine members board heading by the Chairman and other office bearers includes General Secretary, Treasurer and Information Secretary.

Advisory Board of LFP consists senior LFP members those played the active role during heading the LFP and still LFP Board members getting their advice on day to day liberal issues.

LFP Memorandum of AssociationIt was the aspiration of the founding members that the members and office bearers of LFP would be interested and devoted to the cause of liberalism, and would not only give their time but would also support LFP activities to as large an extent as their resources permitted.

It is now about time that all sympathizers and supporters of LFP realize that it is our job to introduce LFP as a political force in the country which advocates the liberalism. It should have its flag that could be waved in political rallies. We want liberals to be holding our flag rather than that of other political parties.

We need a group of devoted liberals even if the number is small. We want commitment and quality rather than quantity. We want these committed members to give LFP something that they have. We all should feel the difference in this regard!